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I have always had an interest in fashion, and I have forever been determined that I would work within the creative industry one day. Alongside studying for a Bachelors in Journalism, styling and sourcing vintage items is what brings me most joy. This blog (I hope) is a representation of my personal style while also acting as an online portfolio for my journalism.




Project: Moodboards for 'HER WORLD' 

For a long time I've been interested in the idea of styling. I have finally decided to experiment with this idea, and hopefully with the help of some friends I can bring my visions to life. 

The idea of this shoot is to depict a strong woman and HER WORLD. From office life and running errands, to payday night out with the girls. The aim with this shoot is to create a visual personality with emphasis on satire and irony. I hope to demonstrate an ambiguous mix of vintage fashion from many different decades, placing the female protagonist within a universe unknown to us as an audience.



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